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Mission Statement/ Who are we?

Who Are We?

We are a team of professionals hailing from diverse areas of specializations, working on the professional development of Pakistanis and overseas skilled workers through training & certification in collaboration with various national and international bodies worldwide.

Our distinction is we focus on research promotion, which is the only way to tap this universe, as Quraan has stated more than 100 times in different places.

Aimms is an institution under the AIMMS RESEARCH & EDUCATION PVT LTD and imparts training certification through Distance-based / Online Training and Research Activities based on non-academic professional certifications.

Aimms presents a hybrid education system, which offers both campus and online training in various trades. Thus Aimms is one of its kind in the country. AIMMS is working on missionary bases.

AIMMS, an internationally reputed organization/institute of trainers and educators, is committed to serving the professionals and non-skilled human capital by bringing them up to international standards in terms of excellence in their respective fields like health, medicine, engineering, management, research, IT, alternative medicine, and construction.

Our complete philosophy is based on bringing together the trainer and the trainee at a platform, where the trainer provides opportunities for learning to the trainee for the welfare of humanity. So AIMMS is not merely a conventional institute; rather, it is working as a bridge between the trainer and learner on the one hand and is providing shareholding/jobs to all those who are connected to it in whatever form. 

AIMMS is a reputed institute marked with SERVING PROFESSIONAL NON-ACADEMIC PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION of world-class under the fast track and RPL system as per the requirements of our Affiliation bodies for some courses, with the major aim to certify overseas Pakistani, who are properly skilled but without such certifications, because of.

  • Lack of time for the regular qualification
  • lack of regular required colleges/universities
  • tough duty schedule, and
  • Because of the heavy fee

We are a team of Education and Research Professionals in AIMMS, hailing from various research and academic backgrounds, working as a bridge and affiliate centre for more than 15 national and international organizations of Training, Qualification, assessment, iso certification and award of various professional and competency-based courses.

We work as a facilitator for our Pakistani professionals and others working in or outside the country, especially those in UAE/KSA and all Gulf and European countries. Besides, AIMMS is a classic and innovative firm of Research and Professional Qualification, guided, supervised and monitored by high-ranking academicians, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professors.

We work as a bridge between various bodies to serve the professionals by counselling and seeking admissions for them in various trusted bodies of knowledge and training.  

For the last 15 years, we have had a good name and shown enormous commitment to our performance. We are clear and up to the mark in all our services and try our best to meet the expectations of the prospective candidates.

Transparency and professionalism is our goal; we tried every inch to preserve them. To this, our graduates’ satisfaction with us is our asset. We dare to display even the minute details on our web page.

Considering the people’s economic conditions, the fee structure of our services is the lowest in the region. It will not be an exaggeration to tell that our services are not purely material-centric. We try to bring a hybrid of various modes of capacity-building courses with easy, flexible and to-the-mark qualifications mainly based on periodic online training, in-campus training, research assignments and previous professional experiences of the candidates, which confer the chance of exemption and progression to the candidates.

For Health and Management professionals, we have put into vogue the RESEARCH-BASED assignments…which will enrich the capabilities of these professionals and earn them international recognition…


Every activity on this planet is conducted with some tangible goals. The goals are always in the form of material. AIMMS has drastically changed this traditional concept of material interest and has always focussed on the national and social interests of the nation and the country. It is because there is no specific ownership of AIMMS, and every person and professional working here are the stakeholders in it. It is a humanitarian approach to looking at things in this modern and complex world.

The social injustice has moved the management of AIMMS, and many white collars professionals in various areas of the country are engaged in this noble task. It is not an exaggeration to state that AIMMS can accept any professional in the country to come and join hands with us and play a role in the country’s development. Our major focus is on our nationals working abroad who cannot get into regular campus classes. Being the founding father of AIMMS, Dr Zaher Shah, PhD, is leaving no stone unturned in working to enhance the professional development capacity of Pakistanis in the world. For this reason, PDRi.org, a research-specific organization, plays an important role.

Mission statement: The sole mission of all the activities of AIMMS is focused on Personality Development/ Human Development of the skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled professionals of Pakistan inside and outside the country, in the form of two major streams of Qualification 1, pro-academic and 2. Professional Competency Qualification, based on previous knowledge of the concerned person / online research thesis, assignments and short trade test.

We are proud to tell that we are the pioneer of this new and modern approach to education and skill development.


1. Working under Aimms Research and Education Promotion Pvt Ltd.

2. Huge online and in-campus training Campuses.

3. Online Verification System

4. UN NGO online Status

5. Training Partner of PECB and Traccert Canada

6. Accredited Partner of GUIDE Association of online Universities.

7. Accredited Research Partner IESPR America- Affiliation expired

8. Accredited Partner of BTE/ TTB Kp And SDC Punjab.

9. Tax Payer registered FBR Pakistan and SECP Pakistan

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Note: AIMMS is a private institution committed to imparting professional qualifications on campus or research assignments, charging the lowest fee in the country, with a special discount for the needy.